Saturday, 10 December 2016

Permerton - Trails and mtb park

In a location a long way south of Asia there is a small town called Pemberton, WA.  This former logging town is surrounded by magnificent Karri forest and rollling hills. A scatering of winerys, brewerys, farms and homestays make this a popular choice for hoiday makers.
And now Pemberton is now focusing on a new attraction. Mountain biking. The trails and mountain bike park here are well worth the 4 hour + drive from Perth - Especially if you can spend a few days to explore the many trails and farm roads.

My visit with the kids (Age 9 & 12) included riding about 30km / day - oincluding a couple of days in the mountain bike park which is a series of trails on a section of land lieterly right in the town.

High lights included the down hill 'cool running', the skills track, the tram trails and the raindow and eastbrrok trails which allowed us to see alot of the surrunding country.
We also liked the local bakery!